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Constitutional Rights in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

When you feel as though someone has violated your constitutional rights, trust The Law Office of Patrick W. Fleming in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to take on the case.

Your Guaranteed Civil Liberties

More than 200 years ago, the country's forefathers enacted a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. The documents guaranteed citizens of the United States inherent civil liberties, including the freedom of speech and the right to protest. The founders of the state of New Hampshire did the same.

Many individuals who express their opinions and participate in community protests face unlawful treatment, including arrest or mistreatment by law enforcement. Attorney Patrick Fleming possesses the knowledge of your constitutional rights, and is ready and willing to provide the legal services you need.
Patrick, Constitutional Rights in Portsmouth, NH

Defending Your Rights

Attorney Patrick Fleming is a proud supporter of your first amendment and other constitutional rights. As an attorney, he will advocate on your behalf if your civil liberties were infringed upon.

Experience Matters

Throughout his career, Patrick has always been available to ensure our guaranteed liberties remain intact and protected. He's been there for many battles involving constitutional rights. In fact, Patrick successfully achieved the acquittal of an anti-nuclear activist who symbolically cut down a siren pole. Additionally, he helped negotiate an appropriate resolution of the charges brought against an anti-war group who refused to leave a congressman's office attorney. Fleming has been there.
Schedule an appointment with Patrick today when you feel that your constitutional rights have been infringed upon.