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Legal Services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Criminal Defense Representation

No matter what kind of charges you face, criminal defense attorney Patrick. W. Fleming can be there to represent you in court. When the state has accused you of a crime, you need someone who can make sure your side of the story is heard. With a modestly-sized office and a lower-volume case load, Patrick and his team provide cost-effective and personalized guidance to mount the strongest defense possible against your criminal charges.

Knowing the Intricacies of Poker and Gambling Laws

If you host poker tournaments or other gambling events, the games need to conform to various gambling laws to prevent legality issues. Whether in his role as the Litigation Support Director for the Poker Players Alliance, or as one of the limited number of private attorneys well-versed in these issues, Patrick Fleming has earned a reputation for offering informative and useful advice to clients throughout the country.

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Fighting for Constitutional Rights

If your First Amendment rights have been or are in danger of being infringed upon, you need an experienced attorney by to guide you. Attorney Patrick W. Fleming is a seasoned advocate and champion for all constitutional rights, and he's ready to fight for you.
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About Us

From criminal defense to gaming laws, The Law Office of Patrick W. Fleming in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, offers legal services for a wide variety of cases. As an attorney, Patrick believes that different cases and different people require different and personal strategies, and that's just what you can expect when you turn to him for legal representation.

What to Expect

Patrick takes great care to analyze every detail of your case before crafting a straightforward strategy as to the best way to play your hand. Whether your case demands an experienced negotiator or a tough litigator, he tailors his approach to fit your needs and goals. Due to the small size of the firm and his flexibility, Patrick works closely and directly with you to achieve those goals.