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Gambling Laws in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

In addition to criminal law, the The Law Office of Patrick W. Fleming in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, handles cases regarding gambling and poker laws.

Protecting Your Rights

As an attorney, Patrick Fleming is devoted to protecting your rights. Through the years, he's been actively involved in various gambling law cases, most recently working with the Poker Players Alliance (PPA).

The group of more than one million poker players and enthusiasts are dedicated to preserving the legal rights to play the games.

Working with the PPA

Attorney Patrick Fleming has long been devoted to protecting our rights. Over the years he's been actively involved in a number of causes. His most recent area of activism has involved working with the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), the group of more than one million U.S. poker players and enthusiasts dedicated to preserving, protecting and bettering the legal ability to play the great American game of Poker. As a regular member, a member of the Board of Directors, and the Director of Litigation Support, Patrick has been involved in many poker and gambling related cases and legislation.

Lawyer, Gambling Law in Portsmouth, NH

Protecting Individuals

Patrick's work with the PPA eventually led him to providing individual legal services to poker players, groups and small businesses that face questions regarding the legality of hosting poker games and tournaments or other smiler activities. Although licensed to practice law only in New Hampshire and certain Federal Courts, Patrick has worked with local counsel in numerous cases assisting individuals in other states. And Attorney Fleming is always available for consultation in those areas where his individual expertise is helpful.

Knowing When the Game Is Legal

Recent events have brought about questions including the legal actions of certain games, such as poker tournaments. Patrick offers detailed explanations of gambling laws to help you determine whether your games and activities are legal.
To find the most up-to-date information regarding gambling laws, he's conducted federal and state-by-state research into the legislation governing the situations. From there, he translated the complex legal jargon into understandable information, which allows you to make the determination if your operations reside within the law. If not, Patrick helps you conform to the statutes and guidelines that govern poker play.
• Poker Clients
• Individual Poker Players
• PPA Members
• Tournament Hosts
• Charity Fundraising Promoters
• Business Owners
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